Wednesday, September 2, 2009

caspian tern drama

caspian tern drama, originally uploaded by profiles of nature.

Growing up can be a drama in the life of Caspian Terns and much of it is not understood. This photo captures the tension that surrounds many recently fledged Caspian Terns in that there is a delivery landing, an adult on the ground vocalizing, and another adult ready to fly. Caspian Terns have the longest or one of the longest periods of parental care for a seabird as they continue to feed during migration and on the winter grounds. This youngster may or may not be the offspring of the tern with the fish, but it is certain to be making a weee weee begging call. Adults that are not related often are aggressive towards young that are not their own probably to prevent piracy from their own chicks. Wish I was where ever this photo was taken.

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